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9 hp wizard identifcation

i just purchased a 9 hp wizard. i would like to know all the info on this motor but unable to find anyhthing. my model # wba6509a56 and serial # g 1708 any help i would much appreciate

Re: 9 hp wizard identifcation

You have a Chrysler-made Wizard. That model was manufactured in 1965. Although I haven't owned one, I have heard good things about the Chrysler outboards. There are usually plenty of parts floating around ebay should you need anything. Standard maintenance parts can be found at:
I'm sure there are other places out there that will have carb rebuild kits, impellers...the basics.

But, before you start spending much money, you'll probably want to start out with a compression check on the cylinders and a spark test, unless you already know it is a runner.

Good luck!