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Won't go into reverse!

OK, it's a Merc 650, not a Wizard (I have three Wizards), but I can't find the old Nerc site anymore! My remote control is working properly, is adjusted properly, and the cables operate freely when disconnected, but the engine won't go into reverse and the shift lever (connection for remote) is very difficult to slide to the rear (reverse) even though everything is greased well. It shifts from N to F with no problem and from F to N with a fair bit of resistance. I'm suspecting the shift rod is binding where it goes into the foot. Any suggestions on freeing it up?

Re: Won't go into reverse!


Here is the link to the Old Merc Website:

You'll have to follow the link to request a logon and password. They are trying to get rid off all of the spam posts by requiring a logon now. Although there are guys here that can probably offer you some help, John's Old Merc Forum is where you really want to be. Tons of guys on all the time.

Good luck!