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help determine model and age!

I bought a wizard outboard motor at a garage sale. It was kept back in a run down barn in Ohio. They said it is a 10 hp. There is no plate or model no. It looks like a 1956-57 super 10 or 12. The only numbers it has are on the part that holds it to a transom "MD 6220 Meta-mold" and MD4885 PM. Can anyone give me a clue where to look for other markings to tell what it is?

Re: help determine model and age!

Unless someone happens to have same motor the casting
numbers may not provide much help in IDing outboard.
Carburetor model if original (and you can't rule out
clever native craftsmen's innovations) will narrow
things down. Removal of id tag may reflect someone's
effort to obscure ownership at some point in past.

Re: help determine model and age!

A standard Super 10 has NO shift, a Powermatic 12, has a shift lower unit. Also, the last two years with the cast covers, or 55-57 has the fuel pump with a single line to the remote tank, earlier models ran the two line pressure tank, like 54 etc, before that the tank was on the motor.

Re: help determine model and age!

Also Jerry, I might mention that I kinda put the cart before the horse in my last post. FIRST off is it Green in color?, if it is then it is the Mercury built Wizard up until 1957, after that they were Scott built for awhile & then were painted white, & then on & on to Chrysler built, white again etc.