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1968 Wizard 20 HP, looking for any help

Hi folks. I recently obtained a 20 HP Wizard outboard, made by Chrysler and distributed by Western Auto Supply. It still runs, but could use a new propellor and fuel pump. I'm searching for any leads as far as locating some parts so I can get her running like new again. Does anybody know where I might look? Thanks for any and all help!!

Motor model: COC6520A86

Re: 1968 Wizard 20 HP, looking for any help


Did I see your post on the AOMCI page, too. I think it was recommended to check Laings outboards for a fuel pump kit. You can also try:

Your best bet on a propeller is to post a free wanted ad on the free classifieds link and watch e-bay. Seems like there are always plenty of Chrysler parts floating around.

Good luck!