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1955 Wizard Super 10

Hey all. I was wondering if there were any repair manuels out there specific to wizards. I know the older outboard repair manuels cover the right model Mercs that translate to my 1955 Wizard Super 10 but I was wondering if there was anything published specificly for the Wizard models. More of a curiosity questions. Second Question: Is there a place to find the older repair manuels for a decent price? Thanks!

Re: 1955 Wizard Super 10


I think you would be hard pressed to find a Wizard-specific manual for one of the Mercury-made models. Your best bet would be to watch ebay for something like that, or perhaps place a free wanted ad on the Antique Outboard Motor Club website ( -- follow link to free classifieds). Perhaps a Wizard collector will have one or at worst, make copies of one for you.

The '55 Super 10 is based on the Mercury Mark 20 powerhead and the KG7 lower unit, so if you have to rely on an old Mercury Manual, look for information specific to those two models. The parts should be pretty much the same between those models and what is on the Wizard. So far everything I have gotten for my 1955 Super 5 has been exactly the same as the Mark 6 which it is based on.

As far as places to buy manuals, no one has new ones for least that I have found. You can get a generic factory manual (covering a wide range of HPS) for the older Mercs at and a bunch of Marine distributers, but they are pricey. Again, if you want a deal and don't care if it is new, take a look on ebay. I got a great Clymers manual for mid-60's to early 70s Mercs for $10...great deal. You can find them for the older models fairly easily, too.

Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but if you are diligent, you'll find what you need.

Good luck!

Re: 1955 Wizard Super 10

Thanks for the info JP. Patience is the whole key to this thing I think. I found this motor for 75 dollars and the guy threw in a trolling motor for free. Probably worth the 75 dollars I spent on the motor.( Really dont know what its worth anyway, just thought it would be intresting to tinker with) Ill keep my eyes open on e-bay. One more question, With your super 5, Have you found the need for any special tools? I read an article that those model engines needed some special tools. I believe the writer of the article said something along the lines of "The early Merc motor designers were insane and the motor reflects that with left handed threads in funny places and the need for special tools"
Thought that was interesting.

Re: Re: 1955 Wizard Super 10

Tom- special tools for this model. Mercury, in the late 50s and into the early 60s, had what was called an "automatic transmission" on their tiller throttle models. No shift lever...everything was done on the tiller. Most regard it as a nightmare design when it comes to maintenance, and for the novices (like me), stay the heck away. They require special tools and the patience of a saint.

I believe Mercury stopped manufacturing Wizards right around the time they marketed the automatic transmissions, so I don't think you'll see any Wizards with this option. Most of the Mercury Wizards are either direct drive or neutral clutch models.

Now, Mr. Keikhaefer did not necessarily make the models we have easy to work on either. Although you don't need any special tools, a couple things on these are difficult (like realigning the crank and drives shafts after replacing the impeller). Also, many of the Mercurys of this vintage had odd screw thread sizes. If you have to replace any screws, they will likely be 28 tpi...which is really hard to find (try Bolt Depot online). Also, it is recommended to use grease (vice oil) in the lower unit. Use Lubriplate #105.

Hope this helps!

Re: 1955 Wizard Super 10

Tom: The 1955 Wizard Super 10 does not have a powerhead similiar to the MK20 or KG7 Mercury but rather is related to the MK25 poweread with the "Big Crank". If your 55 has a single fuel line from the remote tank, it is the fuel pump model aka the MK25 if it has a "Double Line" then it is related to the MK 20 powerhead. All the 55's I have owned have had the "Single Line", fuel pump model. The Model plate on your motor if it is a 55 model, should read Model WM7 & the 56 into 57 Models will read WM7-A & that is the last contract Mercury filled on the production of the Western Auto Wizard. Incidently, the 1954 Wizard Super 10's will have the double fuel line & MK 20 related powerheads with the small crank & the Model Plate will read as the model WJ7. Hope that helps, I have 8 Model WM7 & WM7-A's, great motors & I have modified a WM7-A & run it on a Mercury A-B quicky with gears on my race boat, very fast & a super easy starting engine. The picture on the top of this sites picture page is my 1953 Sid Craft runabout with my racing Wizard although I now run that motor on a 1950 Van Pelt, (Out of Spring Lake Michigan), A-B Class, double Cockpit runabout. No repair manuals available that I know of that are specifice to the Wizard BUT all the Mercury repair manuals apply as they are nearly identicle. The Mercury dealers did all the repair work on the Wizards in the 50's as Western Auto only had a distribution center & the motors were sold by the Western Auto hardware retail outlets but they did not have any repair facilities. Some Western Auto stores did have, or they themselves did some repair work but most was done by Mercury dealers, (grudgingly, I am sure!!)