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Hello need some help

I have been reading on this site for a little while now now its time to ask for help i have a wizard wf-4 1950 model i am needing piston rings recoil for the starter if possible a gasket set If not availible i will cut my own just dont want to lower engine cover and a carb rebuild kit if possible also the engine paint code for when i got to puchase my paint i no longer have any green paint on my engine to match up at Bens paint supply thanks guys for reading

Re: Hello need some help


Your WF4 is based on the Mercury KD4, and the parts you are looking for should be the same as the KD4 parts. I would start with Using the model guide, go to the parts list for the KD4. There you will find piston rings, gaskets, etc. If they don't have every gasket you need, you can always make your own, like you mentioned. As far as the recoil, you are going to have to go the used parts route. I would contact these two guys:

Doug Penn: I get most of my parts from Doug....great guy!

Bob Grubb (retired owner of Grubb's marine):

Let them know you have the Wizard WF4 version of the KD4. I would imagine one of them will have what you need. The spring should not be hard to come by, if that is all you need.

The exact paint for the green Wizards is available through It is a bit pricey, but is supposed to be of high quality if you are going to do an accurate restoration. As an alternative, you should be able to get a decent match at automotive stores (not good for touch up, only for full paint jobs). Duplicolor makes a color called something like Detriot Alpine Green that several guys have used on theirs.

Hope this helps!

Re: Re: Hello need some help

awsome thanks for all the info just curious i havent been able to find pictures of my motor can you guys point me toward some pics thanks in advance

Re: Re: Re: Hello need some help

Well, pics of the Wizards are hard to come by....especially the WF4 for some reason. If you go to the main page of this website and click on the pictures link, you'll see some other good examples so you can see the color and decals used. The are pictures of the WG4 sister to the WF4 (also based on the KD4), that is fairly decent. But, these things are as popular a collectible as a lot of the full-fledged Mercs and pictures of restored motors are few and far between.

Regardless, just about all of the Mercury made Wizards are that lovely green (I think a couple early ones were a gold-ish color) and you can see some restored models from the mid-50s on this website as inspiration. If I come across a good WF4 pic, I'll send it to you. I have a 1955 Super 5 (based on the Mark 6) which has not been cosmetically restored, but if you want a pic to see the color, I can always send you that, too...but, again, the ones on this website are pretty good.