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Wizard Model WG 4

I recently acquired a WG 4 Wizard, Serial No. 722239 Twin in Ohio this August. I would like to know who manufactured it, what the horsepower is and the year of manufacture. Appreciate any help.

Re: Wizard Model WG 4

The WG4's were made for Western Auto by Mercury, the only manufacturer of Wizards that is still in business today, so you can get parts for them fairly easily. The WG4 is a 6HP direct drive model based on Mercury's KD4 (although they don't look much alike). Yours is a 1954 model.

Many of the parts are interchangeable with the KD4s, and you can get KD4 parts at Many of the available parts will have info on whether or not they will work on the Wizards (most will).

It will be a good little motor if you can get it running!


Re: Re: Wizard Model WG 4

Thanks for the wealth of information you provided. I really appreciate your time and quick response.

Re: Re: Re: Wizard Model WG 4

My pleasure, Don! Unless it is already a "runner," post some questions back here if you run into any problems getting it running. There are a few diagnostics you can run up-front (compression and spark tests) to see how much of an undertaking you are looking at.