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Wizard Super 7 Outboard

I have a Wizard air cooled special 7 outboard. Tring to find out information about it, can anyone help?

Re: Wizard Super 7 Outboard

If you post a model number, I can probably help you out better, but my guess is that you have a 1970's 7HP Wizard manufactured by Eska outboards. Eska also made the Ted Williams outboards (eventually renamed Gamefishers) sold at Sears in the 70s. They have a neutral clutch (no reverse), but they can spin a full 360 degrees if you want to go in reverse. Eska went under in the 80s, but you can get parts for them through Certified Parts Corp. and there is usually a lot of Eska/Ted Williams/Gamefisher stuff on ebay. You can probably find a Ted Williams 7HP manual on ebay for cheap, too.

The gas mixture for them is 24:1, and they are rated for TCW3 marine 2-cycle oil. Even though the powerhead is air-cooled, they have an impeller to keep the lower leg cool. Personally, I wouldn't sink a lot of money into an Eska, but if you can get it running for cheap, it will make a decent little fishing motor.

Good luck!