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had a wizard motor given to me

Hey all,need to ask some simple questions.Will try to find a manual but until I get one..I have a 1975 ( by the model # esk-6615-a57)and need to know the correct fuel mix (24-1?)and what to use for lube in the lower unit.Seems to start and run ok but withouut using he correct mix (put a small amout of chainsaw gas in it to fire it up) I don't want to hurt anything.thanks..Kevin

Re: had a wizard motor given to me

Yep, you have an Eska-made Wizard 5.5HP model, which is air-cooled with a Tecumseh powerhead (model#643-20B). They have a neutral clutch (no reverse gear) and an impeller just to keep the lower leg cool. 24:1 is the right mixture for them, and they are rated to work with TCW3 2-cycle marine oil. These Wizards are the same as the Ted Williams/Gamefishers sold by Sears in the 70s. You can get parts through Certified Parts Corp. and Sears Parts online (if you can figure out the equivalent Ted Williams model#). There seem to be quite a few Eska/Ted Williams/Gamefisher parts available on ebay, too. If you can't track down a Wizard manual, search for a 5.5HP Ted Williams or Eska manual on ebay...shouldn't have too much trouble finding one.

Good luck!

Re: Re: had a wizard motor given to me

Forgot...conventional outboard lower unit oil (75-90W) will work fine. The stuff they sell at Walmart will be just fine.