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Parts for 1962 Wizard Outboard 3.6

I have a 1962 Wizard Outboard Model MLM6903C. It is a 3.6 HP. As best as I can tell the Serial number is
62700810-1194. This motor runs like a "chum" and I need the following parts for it: the gas tank, the impellor, and the complete rewind mechanism.

Re: Parts for 1962 Wizard Outboard 3.6


A new impeller should be available through Discount Marine: Give them a call, you shouldn't have a problem getting one.

The other two are more of a challenge, especially if you try to hunt for them using the Wizard name. Your Wizard was made by McCulloch (their outboards were still called Scott-McCullochs in the early 60s). I would suggest posting a free classified "Wanted" ad on the web page. Let them know that you need a gas tank and recoil mechanism for a 1962 McColluch-made Wizard 3.6 HP. You are bound to find someone through that site, which is made up of outboard collectors and parts guys across the country, that has what you are looking for. Most guys are pretty reasonable when it comes to price. I searched ebay for you, but no luck.

Go to the web page and place an ad...I think it is going to be your best bet for the tank and recoil.

Good luck!