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Asking for assistance on Wizard Outboard motor.

I have come into possesion of a rather abused little motor but, hope to try and restore. The only information that I have so far is the M#WG4 and Serial#508244. Can anyone assist me in gathering more information about this motor.

Re: Asking for assistance on Wizard Outboard motor.

Chef Dana-

You have a Mercury-made Wizard called a Super Twin. The WG4s were made between 1951 and 1954; they are 2 cylinders - 6 HP, and they are based on the Mercury KD4 (although they don't resemble the KD4s). Many of the parts between the WG4 and the KD4s should be interchangeable, at least when it comes to the ignition components and carburetor.

You'll want to start out by checking the spark and compression to see what you are up against for the mechanical restoration. If it has been sitting for years, chances are the ignition coils are shot, and the carburetor (unless it was emptied of fuel before storage)is probably clogged with fuel varnish. The ignition breaker points should also be cleaned (use 400 grit or finer sandpaper) to ensure good spark. If you can get it running, it would be best to replace the impeller, too, as it is a water-cooled model.

Should you need parts, you can get some new parts through:

I would recommend calling them before purchasing parts to ensure that a specific KD4 part is interchangeable with a WG4 part. There are a variety of used parts resources out there, too.

Other tune-up specs:

-- The original spark plugs are the Champion J7J (which I believe has a replacement model), or you can get NGK B6S plugs. Either is gapped at 030.

-- The ignition breaker points are gapped at .020.

-- Flywheel torque is 40-45 foot pounds.

-- Gas/Oil Mixture should be 24:1. (original spec is 3/4 pint of SAE-30 wt. oil per gallon).

Good luck!