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Wizard WA-25 Paint Color

I just got a 1957-ish Wizard Super Power 25. The bottom is gray and the top is red and black which i don't think is original. Ihaven't run it yet, but it seems to haev good compression and looks new! Anybody have a picture of what they are supposed to look like originally?

Re: Wizard WA-25 Paint Color


Take a look at the images on the "Picture" page from the main page of this website. Your Wizard should be the same green as the WM/WH models pictured. It is a dull green and I know one outboard restoration company in Canada sells the paint, if you want to match it exactly (it is a bit pricey). Go to: (see "Wizard Green 1946-1959").

I'm sure someone out there has found a cheaper automotive paint alternative. You might just want to print out a picture and take it to an auto store and see if you can have it matched.

Hope this helps!

Re: Wizard WA-25 Paint Color

Aweszome! $20 is so worth the original paint color. I have yet to see a Wizard WA-25 Super Power anywhere. I can't even find a pictur eof one unless its an old ad. Thanks for the help! If YOU ifnd a pic, let me know please.


Re: Re: Wizard WA-25 Paint Color

Found you a picture...check your e-mail!