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Wizard Super 5 WH6

Hope someone can help me. Does anyone know what a Wizard Super 5 WH6 would be worth? It is running and also, I have the original gas can that came with it.
Thanks for any help.

Re: Wizard Super 5 WH6

Well, price is very subjective, but if it is running solidly, you could probably get between $150-200....maybe more, maybe less. If it has been cosmetically restored or was preserved well (good paint, decals, etc), you could probably make a bit more. The gas tanks, if in good shape, tend to fetch a decent price on ebay...$50+ for a real good one.

I paid $100 a Wizard that didn't run...of course, I never claimed to be very smart!!



Re: Wizard Super 5 WH6

Thanks for responding. I paid $100 for a 12' boat and the motor. Don't really need the motor so I'm thinking of selling it. The person I bought it from says it runs and the can is in good shape with all of the original stickers on it.

Re: Wizard Super 5 WH6

Hi Rick,
Where are you located? If in New England;I'm interested your Wizard outboard.
Steve in Massachusetts

Re: Wizard Super 5 WH6

I am located in Missouri. Thanks for asking. Don't really need the motor. I'm going to put a trolling motor on the boat. Looking to sell it or trade for a trailer.
thanks Rick