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Recoil needed

Wanted recoil for Wizard, has 3 mounting bolts & fits WF7, WG7 or WH7 Thanks

Re: Recoil needed - used parts guys


The recoil you need was used on the Mercury equivalents of the Wizards -- the KE7, KF7, KG7, and KH7 models. I would try emailing the following gents who sell parts and complete vintage outboards.

Doug Penn ( -- I use Doug for most of my parts needs. He is very reasonable, ships quickly, and is a super nice guy.

Bob Grubb ( - Bob is trying to fully retire and wants to get rid of all his parts/motors, and I bet he would have a recoil from one of the above models. Ideally he wants to sell off his parts in a large lot, but he might be willing to help you out.

If this doesn't work, post a free wanted ad on the "Webvertize" page.

Good luck!

Re: Recoil needed

Thanks for the leads JP, but the recoils will only fit those models I mentioned and KG9. I doubt anyone would rip apart a KG9 for this. Merc recoils are inset (flush) to the gas tanks (with 3 bolts) where Wizards set on top of the gas tank.

Re: Re: Recoil needed

Sorry on the can be confusing with the Mercury Wizards....they don't all equate back to the Mercury powerheads they are based on. I would still recommend giving Doug or Bob a holler. If any guys have a KG9 for parts, they will. If you haven't already done so, try a wanted ad on the website (see Webvertize link).

Good luck!