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1955 Wizard Super 10/ One owner!
I purchased this motor in San Diego this morning at a garage sale from the original owner who bought the store display in 1955. I Gerry rigged the motor in a trash can to test it with a fresh gas oil mix and it started up after about 4 or 5 minutes of tinkering. Why no neutral on this unit? Kind of hard to tank test it. If there is a market for this motor I'm interested. Comes with original Wizard tank and stand.
Here's another picture I have gobs more. Enjoy!

Re: 1955 Wizard Super 10/ One owner!

Sorry my pix didn't come through. I'm not familiar with this format. Email me at; for pix if you wish...Bob

Re: 1955 Wizard Super 10/ One owner! Picture

Here is the picture.


Re: Re: 1955 Wizard Super 10/ One owner! Picture

Jason, You're a miracle worker...Thanks! I was out playing with the motor when I decided to come in and check my emails. Anyways, I've got it running but it's stalling out before it can warm up good. I redid my tank so it is solid. I do want to sell this unit so If anyone want's to make me an offer I'm game. Thanks again, so glad I found this site..Bob