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Tillotson AJ8B Carb needed for Wizard WF-4

Hello, I am in need of a carb for my Wizard WF-4. It has a Tillotson AJ8B carb. It has a wallered out high speed adjuster and I do not know if mine is repairable. I have a rebuild kit for it,but I do not want to waste it if my carb casting is no good. Thanks for any ideas, Greg Mead

Re: Tillotson AJ8B Carb needed for Wizard WF-4

Hey Greg-

Try Doug Penn ( sells these parts for pretty cheap, if he has one for you. I bet that carb was used on several Old Mercs of that vintage, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a used one (famous last words).

Hope that Wizard isn't becoming too much of a money pit for you. I slowed down on mine after a $150 in addition to the $100 purchasing price. How's your cylinder compression?

Good luck!

Re: Tillotson AJ8B Carb needed for Wizard WF-4

Hello JP, I have run the motor and it sounds great in my little pond. I guess compression is not an issue,but I have not tested it. The motor cranked up the first time I put gas in and it ran great for about 30 second,then the flooding. Top that off with a newly discovered stripped thread on my high speed adjuster. It will fall out if you pull on it. It is just so close to being mechanically right. But the expense is getting hard to eat. I believe with a good carb I would have a fine little first outboard on my hands. GM

Re: Re: Tillotson AJ8B Carb needed for Wizard WF-4

Sounds like you are soooo close, and your right, compression shouldn't be an issue if it is starting right up and runs that well (wish my Wizard was in that shape)! Hope that Doug Penn can help you out. If not, try Bob Grubb (

Hang in there, Greg!