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Wizard motor information

If anyone has any information about a Wizard boat motor Model #COC6509A66 Serial #1206, such as where to buy parts or a manual, I would greatly appreciate it if you could get in contact with me. Thank you.

Re: Wizard motor information


You have a 1966 Chrysler-made 9HP Wizard. As far as a starting point for parts, try:

You may also want to try posting an ad on the "Webvertize" link on the AOMCI's website ( looking for parts and a manual.

Doug Penn (Google his name for his website) has a great assortment of used parts for a variety of outboards, and he is really reasonable....and he's a super nice guy.

You don't need to limit yourself to trying to find Wizard-specific parts, as most if not all parts will be the same as the 9HP motors marketed under the Chrysler name for that year. I have had tons of luck finding parts for my outboards on ebay, too. My Wizard was made by Mercury, and I am able to purchase all Mercury Mark 6 parts, since the Mercury-made Wizards are almost the same as those marketed with the Mercury name on them.

Check back here if you have more questions!

Good luck!