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Need some info please...

Here are a few pictures of a wizard someone gave me... I can't get it running right now. I would like any and all info on this baby as possible. What model or year is it? Hard hard is it to get parts for this motor? Anything I should know about this motor? I have no idea about anything on or in this motor, but I would like to use it if possible. Thanks for all the help...

Re: Need some info please...

What you've got there is a Wizard outboard made by Eska (which made Wizards from '69 to '81). This is pretty much the same as the Ted Williams outboards(aka Gamefishers) sold at Sears. Personally, I had a Ted Williams and I don't think they are worth putting too much money into them. I would guess that model to be an early 1970s. It is air-cooled, but it should have an impeller to cool the lower leg. It probably has a Tecumseh powerhead. You can get Eska parts through Certified Parts Corp and you can also get them through Sears (Ebay is a good source, too). I can send you a parts list file that I have for a 1973 Ted Williams, if you want it. It may not be exactly the same as yours, but it might be a starting point.