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'55 WH6 Super 5- Pulling flywheel

I need to pull the flywheel on my 1955 Super 5. It has a Phelon magneto system. Does anyone know the bolt size (thread size, too), so that I can pop it off with my balancer puller?


Re: '55 WH6 Super 5- Pulling flywheel

In case anyone is in the same predicament, the bolt size is 1/4-20.

Re: '55 WH6 Super 5- Pulling flywheel

Eisemann magnetos used on early Mercury, Wizard
and the Sea King single have pot metal flywheels.
When attempting to remove do NOT even think about
applying more than minimum will
only pull the threads out...I have also found the
urge to use a hammer is counterproductive.
If you need to remove a flywheel you need to understand the taper at end of crankshaft and the
taper of flywheel hub are meant to lock the two
into one unit. The taper "locks" up when the
flywheel nut forces the hub down on the taper.
"Unlocking" a taper may be as easy as attaching
a flywheel remover, applying tension and striking
the tension bolt a SINGLE sharp rap...OR as
complex as solvent, time, tension and gentle
heating of hub area...all techniques have a learning
curve...Results may vary.
When installing a flywheel:
1) Do NOT oil...taper has to be dry/unlubricated
2) Flywheel nut has to torqued to correct value
Checking after initial operation is wise.
3) Taper surfaces have to be smooth and in contact...
in some situations using valve grinding paste
to lap taper may be required...
The taper serves to unite flywheel and crankshaft
so that the energy of power stroke can be stored
as inertia then released to compress the charge
for the next power stroke.
The flywheel key serves to index the flywheel
for ignition timing...a loose flywheel nut
will allow the key and keyway to be battered.
Loose flywheel will also cause shear pins to
fail. A too tight flywheel nut may damage
crankshaft or flywheel.
Three 1/4 x 20 screws in tension can not withstand the force you can apply in compression of a 1/2 x 20
bolt...brute strength has its limits.