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WD3 points access

I am new to outboard repair and have a WD3 with no spark. The points seem like the first step. Do I have to remove the flywheel/magneto to access the points. I'm thinking a 3 footed puller is the trick for that.
This motor seems very well cared for but sat around for ? years, I don't want to break that flywheel trying to remove it.

Re: WD3 points access

I am about to start restoration on my WH6, but I just went through this process on a 1949 Sea King restoration. Yes, you are going to need to remove the flywheel (a harmonic balancer puller works best -- cheap at an automotive parts store), and then you will be able to access the points, coils, and condensers. Before replacing the points, I would recommend trying to clean the existing contacts (with very fine sandpaper -- 400 grit) and get them as shiny as possible, and see if that does the trick. Make sure you spray/wipe them down with electrical cleaner before reassembly to get off any remaining grit. Don't worry about tyring to get rid of a little bit of pitting on the contacts, if there is any. If the coils are cracked, you would be able to track replacements down. The condensors should be fine (but can easily replaced) if needed.

Make sure that you properly gap the points (I know my WH6 is .018), and make sure that the portion of the shaft marked "top" is lined up with the point pivot arm so that you are gapping them at thier widest.

Hope this helps....and good luck!


Re: WD3 points access

Thanks for the info jpatti.

I'm armed with a box of pullers and even found specs for this, of course same as early merc KD3 0.02" point gap and 0.025" spark plug gap. I'll be burning gas n oil this weekend.