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4.5 wizard

I have a 4.5 wizard and i would like to know if anyone knows the Oil-Fuel mix ratio


Re: 4.5 wizard

You will receive a correct answer (generally) if you
include model and serial number...Wizard name appeared
on different models from different makers over a period of years during which the oil/gas ratio makers
recommended was reduced due to improved lubricant and improved (bushings replaced by rolling bearings) motors.Too little or wrong kind of oil ruins engines...too much oil fouls rings and spark plugs. Concensus seems to be that you can use a little less oil when using a modern TCW-3 oil in place of a non detergent motor agreement as to how much
less is safe. Some older engines need a thick 40 weight oil to seal crankcase compression othere then
that modern two cycle oils are far superior.