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can anyone tell me what i got here it says wizzard ,model #wo-4s,s# 272910,id like to know i got it running but it s got gas running out got kinda flat fuel tank on top.thanks chuck

Re: wo-4s

Likely you need to overhaul carburetor...simple easy
to understand...first take carb off motor and clean
outside off with carb cleaner spray, take carb
apart and soak metal in carb cleaner for 1/2 hour
or so ,take parts out and spray with carb cleaner
blow out all passages and blow dirty residue off
parts...assemble with new gaskets.
Things to look for that may need replacement or adjustment
1) cork float unusable...a modified modern Mercury float is available from old mercs, gasket set too
2) carb casting corroded thru...epoxy or another carb
3) missing with another carb to verify completeness if things look missing
4) bent or messed up needle valve...sometimes a little
file and emery paper can fix
5) packing on fuel shut off leaks...old graphite asbestos plumbing string will work...maybe a little
smoothing with fine grade emery paper
Hardware store can supply small fuel line fittings
NOTE: I have found the little hairpins that position
float on float rod easy to lose...and hard to recover
NAPA has several sizes of hairpins to replace lost
or corroded or missing hairpins
IMPORTANT: Do NOT start to take it apart until you
have taken pictures, made drawings or notes...
as you take it apart more pictures, drawings and is easy to arrive at a pile of parts...
it is just a little harder to put it back together
correctly if you know what it looks like assembled
and in what order to reassemble.
About the only tricky fhing is putting the shaft, spring and butterfly together.
If you put the hairpin on end of float rod and use
a small diameter tube to shove them down to the
grooved part of float rod you avoid trying to use needle nose pliers...and much frustration.
Spray on carb cleaner usually good enough
One gallon can of carb cleaner and parts basket
is preferred and more aggressive cleaner...
about $20 but good for many carbs...toxic
and stingy on skin...USE EYE PROTECTION PLEASE!!!

Re: wo-4s

WD4S is very similar to Mercury KD4S. Mercury made
outboards for Western Auto as Wizards from 1940 or 41 until 1957 or so. As time went on Mercury made
the Wizards less and less like the equivalant
Mercury to protect the franchised Mercury Dealers.
Although the Wizards did not have all the features
of the Mercury brand they were well made and sold
like hot cakes as they were less costly. The pancake
gas tank is made of two pieces of cast aluminum...
once taken apart the seam will leak gas...despite
efforts to reseal...several have found this out
and are still looking for a sealant or maybe
they deformed tank taking it apart.
S means Special...recoil starter equipped