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WJ-7 prop nut

Looking for the type of fine thread hex nut as used on WJ-7 5/8" propeller shaft. Does anyone have the specs?

Re: WJ-7 prop nut

Using an accurate machinist's scale count the number
of threads in a fraction of an inch...say a 1/2 inch
and multiply to obtain number of threads in 1 inch
American Standard Fine Thread is 5/8 x 18 tpi
A good hardware store (like the one I get stuff at)
should have nuts of this size for sale individually
If nut will not start easily do NOT force it.
Use a three corner file to dress the threads so
nut will start correctly and not jam or cross
thread...I would caution against using a die
because that may reduce shaft's thread and
give a loose fit between nut and shaft...
Same can be said for thread on end of crankshaft.