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Help info onWD-4S

I have a Wizard model no. WD-4S serial no. 271443. I would like to know year,hp. and where I might be able to get a water pump

Re: Help info onWD-4S

Mercury made so get Mercury parts. I believe yours
has the octopus impeller. Available from Grubbs
Old Mercury site for about $30 plus shipping and
handling. There may be other sources. Grubbs family
recently retired from this company and new owners
may not wish to support old product. Business is in
business to turn a profit and selling and servicing
current product may be less trouble and more profit
than stocking and selling old parts with uncertain
availabilty and uncertain short if I
needed parts I would not delay.
I have no financial interest or relationship with
them other than as a customer.

Re: Help info onWD-4S

jeff ,does the #s wd look like a o?my serial numbers on my motor is272910, think maybe i read mine wrong,do you know what year yours is?does yours have two spark plugs?and have a flat lookin fuel tank?our #s are awful close to each other.