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WG-4 coils

At the moment I don't even know for sure where my old wizard is stored. We moved to the lake last year. I also can't remember if the i.d. is a WD-4 or WG-4 but I do know that it is around a 1952 6 hp wizard.

I've been tinkering with antiques for several years and am very happy to have found this forum! My WG-4 has at least one bad coil. I purchased a couple of coils from a guy a few years ago but the coil sold to me to fit on the laminations is not the same inside dimensions as the old wire wound shellacked. I was told to file the insides to make it fit. Of course this resulted in damaging the wire inside. I've found another coil mounted on the laminations off of a Mark 5. Does anyone know if this complete assembly will interchange with the coil assembly on the WG-4?

Re: WG-4 coils

I have a pair of coils from a Wizard Twin. I think
they are what you need. From a torn down powerhead
(stuck pistons) Please confirm id (on top of flywheel)
Mine says R E Phelon Model F 189

Re: Re: WG-4 coils

Thanks... I'll see if I can dig it out of a pile of stuff tomorrow. If it matches then you're on.