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1959 (scott) 25hp Wizard


I have a 1959 Scott built wizard that I am looking to sell.
It is all original and judging from the paint it looks to have been used exclusively in fresh water and has never been taken apart. I have the tiller handle, the remote steering bracket (cable and pulley system), the fuel connector and a set of Elgin shift/throttle controls w/cables for it. Their is some damage to the hood that dates back to the original owner. The carb will need to be rebuilt and then is should run.
Is anybody interested? If not I will list it on ebay.

Re: 1959 (scott) 25hp Wizard

Might be nice that if people list something for sale they give a LOCATION AND AN ASKING PRICE. Might help you sell it.

Re: 1959 (scott) 25hp Wizard

Sorry Ken! I'm a little new at this game. I'm in Suburban Columbia SC 29063. I was looking for about $200.00 plus shipping for the motor, tiller, controls, cable steering connector and fuel connector. I will gladly take and email photo's if you are interested.