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Props for Super 10s

I'm trying to aquire a couple of props for my WJ-7 and WM-7. I run these on a light 150# 12' feather Craft. The Wj-7 seems to be stock. The WM-7 is tricked out with a megephone exaust and I don't have a clue what all's going on inside of the topend. It's a racing motor mounted on a speedmaster H tower. I'm sitting it on a KG-7 lower because I don't have a race boat. Have any of you tried any different props with either of these models? What was stock?

Re: Props for Super 10s

Hi Frank,

My WG-7 came with an AJ-48 Michigan Wheel Prop. I also picked up an AJ-47. These were recommended props for the types of loads your talking about.From the Michigan Wheel Database on the AOMCI site in the member's section, it listed the follwing:

Mercury Motors: KE-7
Wizard Motors: WF-7, WG-7

Mercury Motors: KF-7, KG-7 w/Adapter.

I don't have a picture of the adapter, but I'll check my files.

Good Luck,
Jason Baxter

Re: Re: Props for Super 10s Adapter Picture

Hello Frank,
Here is a photo of the prop adapter for KG-7 motors to accept props that are not splined. (KE-7/KF-7)