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Gas Tank Manufacturers

Where can I get a two line gas tank to fit my 1954 Super 10? Does anyone manufacture new tanks with this fuel line pattern or must I find a vintage tank? Would a vintage tank need to be a Wizard or can it be something else like a Mercury given that it is a Mercury power head?

The last time this engine ran (years ago) my dad improvised two hoses from a tank to the motor and I'm not sure how he did it. I'd just assume have a proper gas tank.


Re: Gas Tank Manufacturers

Ben: The Merc tank will work fine but you need the Wizard ends (both) which were different from the Mercury's. Otherwise you can convert to both Mercury ends as they are more plentyful to find.

Re: Gas Tank Manufacturers

Hey Ben
I got my Wizard running using an OMC pressure tank and two pieces of fuel hose from the autoparts store. I did have the original Wizard connector. The two lines are of different diameters on Wizards and Mercury, so I also had to shim up the fuel side outlet that comes out of the OMC pressure tank with another 1/2" long piece the same diameter as the air side of the two lines. The larger 5/16 gas line will side over the shim for a tight fit at the fuel line side of the two hoses coming out of the tank. I didn't know if it would work because the OMC double lines are the same diameter. This worked fine running in the test tank. I haven't tried it under load yet. I also have heard that, like the old pressure fed OMC stuff, you can add a fuel pump to these motors to use a single line system.
Good Luck