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WJ-7 Super 10 info

I have an old Wizard outboard that, thanks to the serial numbers listed on this website, I have found to be a 1954 WJ-7 Super 10. I have a few questions about the motor.

It doesn't appear to have any sort of transmission, ie. forward, neutral, or reverse. If you start the engine it's always in forward and you take off. Am I correct and how do you use one of these motors safely? If you could start it at idle it wouldn't be a big deal but the start positon on the throttle is quite fast.

The throttle is a sliding lever on the face of the motor so the grip is nothing more than a metal tube with a dowel attached at the end of it. There is no provision for a twist grip, correct?

The choke is just a plate that covers the mouth of the carbuetor and it is either flicked on or off without any adjustment, correct?

Can this motor be used on a boat with remote steering? I see the picture of Ronald Lietha's racing Wizard has a remote throttle and steering wheel. Is that a Super 10?

I'm kind of a noob when it comes to old outboards but I can see this becoming habit forming. I just dug it out of the garage and now my dad and I are planning to head to the AOMCI nationals in Tomahawk in a couple of weeks.

The motor is my father's that he bought several years ago. He would buy old motors at rummage sales up north (Wisconsin term) get them running again, and sell them. He bought three other motors but only kept this one. I remember him putting it on a sizeable boat at my grandparents' resort and it was incredibly fast for a 10 HP motor!


Re: WJ-7 Super 10 info

Ben: Yes to most of your questions. I will be at the Tomahawk Nationals, so look ,me up & I can answer all your questions. As well I will be running my racing Wizard, it is the last model Mercury built, a 1956 Wm7-A Super 10, they ran the Mercury MK-25 powerhead (big crank). Yes, direct drive is how they ran them in the early 50's, point the boat toward open water & go. Start the motor & pull the spark back & they idle very well.

Re: Re: WJ-7 Super 10 info

Thanks. We'll be there on Saturday of the event and we'll look you up. I'd love to see your race boat. You don't have to officially be a member to attend, do you?

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