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Later model Scott-McCulloch parts

Where does one find parts for the later model Scott-McCulloch produced motors? I have a '64 model 6909 that I need head gskt. & exhaust cover gskts. for. Since the same motor was sold by Sears does anyone know the exact URL to find them on Sears mysterious website? Any suggestions appreciated.
BTW, the problem is overheating. I pulled the head and exhaust cover expecting to find clogged passages since it has enough water coming out the 'pee' holes to swamp an oil tanker, but the passages are clear as a whistle. Did find evidence or prior intrusion by a ham-fisted *&^ that left the head gskt leaking into the lower cylinder with some pitting tho it still has good compression and dtarts and runs well. The head just gets too hot as evidenced by the hot hand test and bad discoloration of the paint above the transfer ports and head. I'm grasping at straws here so even wild ideas gratefully recieved. Tom

Re: Later model Scott-McCulloch parts

6 days and no reply so I'm hollering for help again. Can anyone tell me a source for the gaskeys I asked about in the post above or do you have any you can sell? Tom

Re: Later model Scott-McCulloch parts

Tom, I just posted on here myself and saw your plea for help. Try this site
These folks bought up all the old McCulloch inventory when they closed their outboard doors. You may find also that looking for parts under the Elgin and West Bend names might help depending on the model number.You will probably need to call them to order the head gasket.

Re: Later model Scott-McCulloch parts

Try this site also