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Wizard Super 5


Great website!! My father just happened upon a wizard Super 5 outboard and was just wondering where we could get some much needed info on this motor. It appears to be in fairly good shape but the issue is, can some parts still be found out there, or are they hard to come by? Was also wondering what the "Super Twin" motor is because this motor has dual plugs, or did they all have them? As you can tell we're really green when it comes to this but still find it very interesting. Any info that you could send us would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Dave and Dale Mulso


Re: Wizard Super 5

Dan: the Wizard Super 5 was built by Mercury & is the same motor as the Mercury Super Silent 6. Yes most parts are available at Grubbs Marine in Pa. They are online with a great website for all parts. Also there are many "parts motors" out there in the Wizard as well as the Mercury's. Yes, they were two cylinder motors.