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Wizard WF-4

I need some info on where I can get service/repair specs on WF-4 motor. Motor is complete and seems to have good compression but I want to go thru it before I try to start it. I was told that a KD-4 Mercury service specs could be used but didn't know if all the parts were the same. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

Re: Wizard WF-4

Mercury made Wizards using some Mercury components
and some Unique to Wizard components. Gaskets probably same, Other parts may or may not interchange.
Best not to assume anything will work until you
have checked and measured part. I have torn down
motors for parts to find nothing I needed
was what I needed. Keep in mind that design of
outboards rapidly evolved in 1940's so even
in same model year incompatable parts are possible
as well as deliberate or unintended design incompatability due to using old parts inventory
to make product. It would be easier IF a
cross index of parts was on net for reference.
To date I have not found.