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Wizard WG4 Water Pump

How do I get at the water pump of a 1951 6hp Wizard WG4? I've removed the prop and everything else from the prop shaft, as well as the large C clip, that I thought held the cover on the pump. It doesn't seem to want to come out, so what am I missing?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Wizard WG4 Water Pump

Hi Joe,

The cover is threaded and you use a spanner wrench to unscrew it. It is left-hand thread if I'm not mistaken. Once you remove the cover, the impeller is right there. Below is a parts breakdown.

Hope this helps,

Re: Re: Wizard WG4 Water Pump

Thanks Jason. My WG4 seems different from the picture. The pump assembly is a seperate unit from that one. The pump is in the same location, but has it's own houseing.
The good news is that with LOTS of cleaning the cover came off with no damage!
And now I just need to get a new impeller. Thanks again!

Re: Wizard WG4 Water Pump Impeller Cover

Just curious. Was the cover threaded and left-handed thread like the diagram shows? If not, how did you get at the impeller? Tnx. JW in Dixie

Re: Wizard WG4 Water Pump

I have a WG4 and I took the prop,shaft,and C clip off.It has a plate with a small slot with a pin,and still cannot get it out.The diagram looks somewhat like a WH6 or Super 5 that I have.It has two holes.

Re: Wizard WG4 Water Pump

Mercury had early (two piece) and later single piece
lower unit. Later unit had ccw cover,early units
had spring clip...completely different.