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55 or 56 Wizard powermatic 12

Hey I need to konw where I can get all the info I need to work on and run my powermatic 12. i think its like a 55 or 56. i got it runnin a few years ago. cleaned her up, replaced hoses, impeller, fuel pump filters and all that. She started first pull and purred like a nasty kitty. haha. Anyways, I need to seal the lower unit and I also need to konw what the mixture I should use is. I forgot what I was told a few years ago by someone. Also when I ran it few years ago, everytime I took it to the lake after like 30 minutes it would get trashed up and have to clean carb. will this stop soon. i guess its from sitting up for so long and not being used. it sat up for 20 something years in a locker outside in the barn. thanks for any help you can give me.

Re: 55 or 56 Wizard powermatic 12

Wizard guy
I'd run the mixture at 25 to 1 .
For seals , you could try an old merc dealer or one that advertises on the aomci web site .
Most of the serious collectors measure the ID, OD, and
width and get the seals from the local bearing house just to save seven cents .
As for decals , keep looking ,sombody will make a run of them sooner or later .
Have fun , Scott

Re: Re: 55 or 56 Wizard powermatic 12

Check the links section of the AOMCI web site, for the mfg. of your decals.