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Welcome to the new Wizard Outboard Forum.

Wizard Outboard Motor Forum
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The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum

Hello Fellow Outboarders,
This Wizard Outboard forum has been set-up to help those whom are seeking infomation about them. Just post your questions here, and I welcome all those whom have knowledge of these outboard motors to answer whenever they can.
Thank-you in advance,
Jason Baxter

Re: The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum

Jason: Let me be the FIRST to congradulate you for putting up this Wizard site. I hopefully will use & enjoy it MANY times & I look forward to exploring all the facts about these Western Auto-Mercury built engines. Also I am sure there will be interested people posting regarding the later Scott & Oliver Wizards as well. Also the Wizard outboard related items, sold by the Western Auto Stores.
Let the fun begin.
Many thanks again

Re: The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum

Good luck, Jason, with the new website. So far, I have been bombarded with pop-ups when trying to access certain buttons on your website. Don't know if there is anything that you are able to do about this, but it is distracting and irritating. These seem to be the really annoying type that you can't X off.

I do own two Wizard 6s, but don't know a whole lot about the Wizards in general. One of the two that I have, I have put some time into it and some new parts and it runs very well. If anyone is ever interested, I have a method for restoring the water pump cartridge (housing) which always seem to be eaten up with corrosion. I can install a new aluminum liner for the impeller to ride upon and it works perfectly.

Good luck with the site!


Re: The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum


Good luck with the new site. I agree with Bill Salisbury, cool site, but the pop-ups are brutal.

Anyway, nice to see someone taking the time to resurrect this Wizard board.

I have only one Wizard: it is a WF-4... I need to verify the serial number, to see if it is a 1949 or 1950 but is this a 5hp? or less?, I am not up on these at all, I usually tinker with the older OMC stuff, so any info on my little Wizard Kicker would be appreciated.

Bill Thompson

Re: Re: The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum

I agree on the pop ups.

Re: Re: Re: The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum

Great start for a needed web site. I will stop by periodically.

I have a WF-4 and a WG-7 so far.

The WF-4 uses many parts from Mercury outboards up to KE4.


Congrats on the new site Jason! Keep the info and help flowing and grow the hobby!

Re: The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum

Thanks for the site! I will certainly be using it.

Re: The New Wizard Outboard Site & Forum

Thanks for a new place to talk about one of my favorite subjects, Wizards.

I have a PowerMatic 12 on my Pop Mech. Hydro.

I also just purchased a WA25 for a new Blitzen Runabout I am building for my wife.

Regards, Bob

information on a 9Hp wizard

I have a 9HP wizard motor.can any body tell me anything about this motor serial#1206 model#coc6509A66 thank you