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Re: New au-pairs in and around Paris

Well, I will be arriving in Paris much later than you will it seems. I will get there on the 20th of September

Re: New au-pairs in and around Paris

Ahhh I'm so sorry! My email notifications were going to my junk folder so email me (or add me on facebook) if you want! x

Re: New au-pairs in and around Paris

Hi ive just moved to paris as well, have been settling in this week but getting withdrawal symptoms from socialising/going out and would love to meet some people!

Re: New au-pairs in and around Paris

I've been doing the exact same thing! Went into the city center yesterday and had a wonder round (spent too much!) add me on facebook or email me so we can chat better! :) I think it's in my first post x

Re: New au-pairs in and around Paris

Hello to everyone in this thread! I am coming to Paris on New Years Day, and am looking for someone to show me around a little bit and to go out with. I hope that someone will respond and meet up with me! I have never been in Paris before and therefore would be extremely comforted to have someone to help me out, let me know if you can help!

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