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Re: Re: Re: Re: is this normal?!

Hi Gemma,

I wouldnt worry about being the only one to feel like that as it is perfectly normal. I have just gotten back from 6 months teaching english in Japan, and when i first got there i felt terrible. However, when i left, i was sad to leave. I will be coming to the south of france on Oct 5th, and will be kinda near you! I have just looked on multi map and it reckons the places we are staying are about 1hr 30 away by car. I have access to a car, and have saturday afternoons and sundays off, and would love to meet up and have a chat, and hopefully get to know you. As i said, ill be in france in a couple of weeks, so drop me an email if youd like to meet at some point and we can make some arrangements.

Do you speak French? I imagine it would be harder if you didnt, but if you do, it would be a good opportunity to practice by making friends.

Must dash, only go 2 weeks in UK before heading off to france, and got soooo much to do! Just persevere with the au pairing, and it will get better.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: is this normal?!

I couldnt have written it better myself if I needed to explain my last threeweeks here.. Its my first aupar job and i didnt expect it to be hard either, especially the homesickness.. My family is great and actually did help the situation a little by just talking to them and getting closer to the mother like I am with my mother...I still only have 1friend here too, but slowly you find out where people are and how to get around on the cheap and easy..
GoodLuck, and if im ever around your area I will try to be in touch..
An easy way to meet people is also suggesting aupairs come visit you for the weekend..

Re: is this normal?!

Hi! I feel like you were reading my mind. I've been living near Vienna for almost 4 months now and just made my first friend last week. It does make life really dreary when you know only the family you're living with (even when they are, like the one I have, simply amazing). I found that it helped to tell my host mother that I was lonely. She had several good ideas to help me find friends. Best of luck! It really helps me to know that someone else is struggling with the exact same thing.


Re: Re: is this normal?!

Heya, I`ve only been here 2 weeks, but want to meet people soon to avoid getting stuck in a rut!! What were your host family`s ideas to meet people, and have any of them been successful? I`m starting a language class next week, and have put a notice on a noticeboard round here appealing for other people! I`m thinking about going to a fitness class at the sports centre, but although I hear lots of English families round here, I really don`t want to just march up to people and introduce myself! What`s everyone found the best way to meet people? Thanks!! xx

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