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Football Alumni Asociation

Hi: I got an email with this information requesting that I pass it along to our class:

This year, we are starting a new Ridley Football Alumni Association. We are looking for contact information to keep former players updated with our activities and events. Please pass this information along to your graduating class.

Thank you,

David Crispin
Class of 1989


Ridley Football Alumni Association

"Green Mystique"
Pride and Tradition since 1934

1966 to Present - Ridley High School

1927 to 1966 - Ridley Township High School
1918 to 1966 - Ridley Park High School
1931 to 1966 - Eddystone High School

The group is currently open to anyone who played for Ridley in any or all of their 9-12 grades.

With Ridley Pride and Tradition, the mission of the Ridley Football Alumni Association is to establish a community of former Ridley, Ridley Township, Ridley Park and Eddystone High School football players and coaches to gather and reminisce and to participate in various activities and events that will foster, nurture and support current and future Ridley High School football programs.
Find us on Facebook under “Ridley Football Alumni”