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Re: story for a story teller

I SAY we are kept from seeing aetherea by the fallibility of our senses and therefore the mind's eye opens to assist these inadequate organs. Now this is most true with herbs or plants because they teach better lessons than stultified pedagogues pawing and braying from the rostrums of colleges. So have I taught Oporinus about this herb called Matuchiol yclept Heliotropium, which revolves according to the sun. If collected beneath the sign of Leo and wrapped in fescue or laurel and accompanied by the sharpened tooth of a wolf, then no man shall hear a single word uttered against him, only peaceable words. And if he fall asleep on this herb then he could not lose his property to a thief. Moreover, if this herb should be secreted in a chapel where women go that have slighted their vows with copulation...well, they cannot walk past. Or a woman that has clasped Urtica to her breast...she would not succumb to deleterious fancy. Also, there is an herb called Celandine which is gathered where swallows nest, or eagles, that if any man accept it together with a badger's heart he will beat back enemies, annihilating them in argument. Furthermore this same herb if it be laid against a sick man's brow...if he should die he would rise up singing with a great voice. Or the leaf of Periwinkle if eaten together by any man with his wife, they will lie down in love. This much is true and natural. But of the Mandrake which is alleged to groan or shriek when it is torn out of the earth, I am not persuaded. I do not claim to have heard this voice, albeit I listen for the cries of anguish. I am positive that God has given to these herbs inexplicable virtues and powers which free men from infirmities to the end that they might sojourn a little longer. And I am convinced of how death itself cannot imagine the fatal circumstance, but strives eagerly and diligently in order that it may not overlook the appointed minute, proving obedient to its master.

Re: story for a story teller - by fairychele - May 15, 2007 4:19am
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