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Re: story for a story teller

BECAUSE we have made illustrious promises let us keep them albeit the earth quiver underfoot, since to be perceptibly swallowed and wholly to disappear is less dishonorable than egregious dissimulation. There is but one single instrument laboring mightily toward perfection, which is grace within the soul. Lies corrode a susceptible heart and the universe resembles a Harp or a lute since every occurrence resonates elsewhere, as the son is known by his father.

BE DILIGENT, I have told Oporinus because the mind proves adroit at generating monsters, since as we draw shapes upon canvas or wood and reconstruct our similitudes with marble so does the mind formulate basilisks which act against us...contriving aspects and molds of grim apprehension. But why? Because nature acts out of habit, she considers only one way suitable and from this she departs with reluctance to create aberrations. Why is this? We could as well ask what accounts for the soft and feline influence of the moon.

I WOULD have Oporinus learn how undines beneath the surface long for sunshine and how their magnetism contrives to pass through impregnable rock for the pleasure of gnomes. Nor should this be disputed, since we know all things aspire to consanguinity. All experience summer and have their winter, all know the taste of fruit.

Re: story for a story teller - by fairychele - May 14, 2007 2:16am
Re: story for a story teller - by fairychele - May 15, 2007 4:19am
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