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Re: story for a story teller

CACOPHRASTUS! Hah! Cacophrastus is how they deride me because I endorse principles, not catechism. Mock-doctors swaggering round about in spangled coats! Foals that presume themselves stallions! Buggers leading one another so that if one tumbles in a ditch the others follow, unable to separate their brains from their asses. Piebald knaves! I have watched them coaxing victuals out of monks, I have seen the ravens that supervise murder rise screaming from their perch, for leaven and ferment are Christ, and I say Verbum Domini is the word of the father that has become Matter and is the material food of the soul. And such a word is present in each object in which it dwells. And I have seen them worse than Archbishops order up relics to fumble at a sick man's mouth. But I say sickness is neither endogenous nor constitutional, and a mineral seed is required to engender what once was sown into the earth by our Lord God at a time when he regretted the creation of man.

I SAY that whatsoever fills up a man's heart shall overflow into his mouth. And what his heart desires, that do his eyes seek after. And things irrevocably incline toward similitude because they have some rational or active virtue that directs and counsels fire experiences the urge toward fire, water toward water...which accounts for the passionate flight of the soul and the body's deep unrest. Now I say all of this will be understood by those with a legacy of interior senses while to others it might seem incomprehensible.

I SAY the heart is an instrument of very great magnitude whose greatness cannot be expressed. The mind as well....this is very great and nothing can emerge from its sphere that was not drawn in. And whatever the heart has attracted or whatever was drawn into the mind I say will expend itself searching for an exit. And it is perilous to live ignorant of this relationship.

I SAY that six Tempers dominate the mind, whereby they govern and rule over humanity. These are passion, fright, alarm, joy, envy and desire. Therefore the imagination must be supervised since no place is too far for it to go and each mind impresses another, wherever it reaches. This is because not one being is able to survive apart from the next, nor from the Almighty, because all divide His wisdom.

EACH being possesses a Chaos, yet if transported elsewhere it will die. If that Chaos be subtle, its being is gross, or if gross, we find subtlety within. Therefore a corpus should be gross if it would glide unharmed through aether, much as gnomes with subtle bodies can proceed through rock. Even so, rigid matter is capable of piercing supple matter just as a stick is thrust into water or a stone may descend into the depths of a pool. Conversely, whenever the matrix does not take offense it is possible to extract a substance, which is the case when fishes are with-drawn while leaving the river unperturbed. So does base mineral hope to improve or glorify or transform its status. And that this may occur cannot be doubted. The omnipotence of God flows unrestricted.

WHAT vast surfeit of disclosures men catalogue upon deficient understanding! To assess an object below or above the animus presiding at its birth or to prize some creature more or less highly than its creator must injudiciously subvert both values, which is how we behold existences doubled by the looking-glass. Therefore we should estimate qualities not by their outwardness but by what they deposit within.

BECAUSE every item is equivalent in goodness to the next, as the carbuncle is not better nor worse than tuff stone, nor evergreen than cypress, so each time we valuate gold above silver we do this out of greed. Both are excellent. Consequently our judgment is developed not through wisdom but through lamentable logic. Now, should a dog fall sick it will devour grass, but would this be suitable treatment for sick men? No. Yet how very often I remark similitudes, and I think egregious pharmacopeia astonishes me less than the gratitude of moribund patients. How is this? Possibly by virtue of imagination we are able to find what we seek, a faculty derived from above since it is evident how stars preoccupy themselves with men.

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