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Re: Can a Christian believe in Astrology?

Hey Bro

I understand how it feels to speak from your heart and want others to know what you've learned. Sometimes people are carring heavy loads themselves and cant see further than their own pain. I know I have lived most my life like that. I'm just saying you can share with me if you like. I'm a very good listener and I'm open to all subjects. I care about you have for me. So we already have something in common. I have trouble saying how I feel in writing. When someone is cross with me in the chat room I chalk it off to my struggle getting out the message with out the sound of my voice. It's all new to me I never was much of a writer. I go back when I have the energy and try again. I have seen many people get cross with eachother but again I realize that is in all contact with people we just have to try harder and accept when someone is having a hard day. I'm sorry you have had a bad time at the site. You know the lady who runs the site is very gracious. She in my eyes is as close to an angel on earth as they come. Why don't you contact her and see if she could straighten out this misunderstanding. I know she would be kind. Her name is Cammy.

With love always
fairychele ~*~ Michelle

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