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New Review for Decadent Deceptions - 2008 Molly Contest Finalist

Decadent Deceptions
Keta Diablo
Noble Romance,

Veiled Secrets Reviews:

Four Scorching Hot Dragons = Impossible to put down. Always well worth your time and effort. Makes you want to read more books by the author in the future

When Olivia Breedlove is informed that her father’s will has a codicil stating she must be
married in six months she is horrified. Olivia isn’t even looking for a husband although the
super sexy Morgan does come to mind. If only Morgan would see her as more than a pesky
young friend. Desperate to find a man Olivia is determined to at least have one that can satisfy her in the bedroom and so embarks on a journey of voyeuristic discovery at Savannahs’ most notorious and upscale *****house.

Morgan is in love with Olivia and has been for years. After being caught nearly taking her
virginity by her father Morgan stayed away to avoid coming to terms with the man over pistols at dawn. Now with her father dead Morgan is going to claim Olivia’s heart. With Olivia’s plan to find a suitable husband taking her into his brothel Morgan is willing to let her watch whoever she likes but when it comes to touching Olivia is going to be all his. All he has to do now is convince her of it before the person determined to take her from him succeeds.

Olivia is quite independent and fearless for her time. Combine that with the fact she’s a bit of a spoilt brat at times and you’ll be surprised at the trouble she can get herself into. Morgan is a strong man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Unfortunately like a man he goes about it in the longest most stupidly painful way possible.

Set amidst the tight morals and high society of historical Savannah Decadent Deception is an enchanting and seductive romp that will keep you entertained for hours. Watching Morgan and Olivia take their erotic journey together will give you a few laughs even as you occasionally want to slap Morgan upside the head. The sexual tension is explosive and when Morgan and Olivia finally come together sexually you won’t be able to look away. With so much story texture and an emotional reverb that will leave you reeling Decadent Deception will have you eagerly awaiting Ms. Diablo’s next book.