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Excerpt from "Which Man"

James abruptly caught me up in his arms -- stymieing me. However, I quickly recovered and struggled to get loose. But his grip was so solid that I could do nothing, as he pressed me against the wall.

What in God’s name had come over him? “James! What are you doing?”

I felt every rock-hard part of his physique as he leaned into me. I tried to turn away, but he cupped my face firmly in his hands and possessed my mouth in a wildly passionate French kiss. He kissed me for so long and with such supreme ardor that I nearly swooned. When finally he released me, I was too stunned to speak. He too, seemed surprised by what had transpired. We stared at each other, while James absently swabbed traces of my fruity lip gloss off his mouth with thumb and forefinger. For a brief interval, his eyes were riveted to mine, and then he slowly retreated and strode back into the living room.


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