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Vampire romance

Hello Ladies, I am looking for recomendations for vampire books. These are the books I have read:

J.R. Ward Brotherhood series (Loved both books)
Sherrilyn Kenyon DH series (good)
Christine Feehan dark series (did not like)
Lynn Viehl (did not like)

I'm looking for books that are similar to J.R. Ward brotherhood series. I think this author is great and I really enjoyed her books. I don't like the light vampire books.

Much appreciate your help


Re: Vampire romance

Debbie, I recommend books by Susan Sizemore and Kresley Cole. If you google them or check Amazon for their releases, you should find enough info to decide if they're the type of authors you'd enjoy.

Sizemore has a new one out this month entitled PRIMAL HEAT. I haven't read it yet but it's on my tbr pile.

Good luck!

Re: Vampire romance

Hi Lee, I'm actually reading Kresley Cole's AHLNO - so far pretty good.

I do have Primal Heat in my TBR pile (at the bottom)- wasn't sure if it was any good. But now that you recommended it I'll definitely move it up.

Thanks - if you think of any others please let me know.


Re: Vampire romance

I really like Kresley Cole's work. Also Christine Warren is excellent. Cobblestone Press is having an entire month of paranormal romances in October. Mine's one of them. :) The hero is a vampire.

I'm trying to think of any other authors who write really good vampire books, but I just can't think of any right now.


Re: Vampire romance

Check out Rene Lyons and Tempest Knight, very evocative, hot vampire stories.


Re: Vampire romance

Have you read Teresa Medeiros? She has two vamp books~~After Midnight, and The Vampire Who Loved Me (new) and they are wonderful!!!
And what about Christine Feehan? Her Carpathians are like vamps/not quite vamps. She's an auto buy for me~~love those.

Re: Vampire romance

Just recently jumped into on the dark romance band for variety. Based on reviews, I tried Kresley Cole and Christine Feehan. Read "No Rest for the Wicked" and reading "No hunger like Other "by Cole. I also read Feehan's Carpathian novels, "Dark Gold", "Dark Symphony"(worst) and "Dark Destiny" - chosen based on readers' rating in Amazon, and because she has more titles .

Between the two, I love Kresley Dole style and and fiction much more.

I dread Christine's work. I find Christine a bit too formulaic - the heroes are always in danger of 'turning' and too accepting, whilst the heroins are too irritatingly resistant. The sex scenes are too much "blood sucking" to turn me on!!

Kresley on the other hand gives me more human like romance, less gross and developes her characters lovingly.

Anyhow, after experiencing this genre in the last 5 books, I'd go back to the simple England Regency and Scotland highlanders' romances anytime.

BTW, I don't prefer the cowboy, gold-digging California explorers, and common pirates stories.... so you know where you stand with my comments.