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RRT has a new look....

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know that RRT has a new look -- browse the sight and email me your comments or suggestions. You'll notice that some things aren't complete -- as in prior year release and reviews -- and I'm currently working on adding the 2006 erotic reviews to the site -- so check back often to see how much progress I'm making -- or if I've been off in a corner reading. :)

Speaking of -- read any thing great this week? What are you reading now...and what's next on your TBR pile?

'til next time!

Re: RRT has a new look....

Love the new look, Terrie. Lookin' good!

I'm currently reading YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU by CJ Carmichael. Have any of you read it yet?


Re: RRT has a new look....

Hi Lee,

I haven't read the Carmichael yet. With the web work and our review coordinator breathing down my neck for late reviews -- I haven't had any time to read for fun!


Re: RRT has a new look....

Lookin' GOOOOOOOD, Curley! Keep up the great

Guess who?

[Even newer look! 9/9/06] -- Re: RRT has a new look....

I LOVE the even newer, cleaner, brighter look, Terri! When the heck do you find the time...?!


Re: RRT has a new look....

Terrie is beginning to scare me -- I'm starting to think DH cloned her and that's the only way she keeps up with everything. ;-)

And Carla!! Nice to see you -- albeit a while late. I have to remember to add this place to my regular haunts list. One of these days I will.

Re: RRT has a new look....

Wow...been a while since I droped by the site, you guys are looking good. I finally came up from nursing classes to emerge into the real world, and see you ladies have outdone yourselves again with the site and reviews. Glad to see all is going so well with RRT. I miss you all and hope everyone is healthy and well. Take care