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Help with title please!!

Hi everyone, I needed help finding out the title of a book I've read before but can't remember the title. The story is set in England, probably during the Napoleonic Wars. A general/sergeant/solider is on trial for cowardly conduct (?) during the war. He was fighting the French and losing (?). He called for a retreat, I think, when, supposedly, he knew that help was on the way. Something happened and he couldn't remember why he allegedly called for a retreat. He has amnesia/blurring memories about that day. He was aquitted of charges, but there were still whispers and rumors about his actions. He meets his friend who was with him at that time to ask about what happened. But instead of greeting him warmly, his friend gives him the cut direct. I remember that it turns his friend was the one who sabotaged him. I can't remember names or what else happens, that scene just lingered in my mind. Can anyone help me? I can't stop thinking about it! =) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks~