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Booksignings -- do you attend?

I promise this will be the last post for the month.
This is a reader question. If authors have booksignings, do you attend them?
If so, what do you like best about them?
If not, what would entice you to attend one?


Re: Booksignings -- do you attend?


I used to attend a lot of book signings but that's before I lost complete control of my life -- now I just try to make the signings of my friends -- i.e. I'm going to make one of Brenda Novak's booksignings this month -- don't know which one yet, but one of them. :)


Re: Re: Booksignings -- do you attend?

There's not many authors that come here, really I only remember one and that was a few years ago when Suzanne Brockmann came and she was a new author to me then too. Since tho, I like to go to meet Kathryn Shay which is a couple hours away. I never went to one of those big book signings yet, but would love to some day!

Re: Re: Re: Booksignings -- do you attend?

I know what you mean about few authors coming close to where you live. Same here. Recently I wanted to attend one a 100 miles away. Unfortunately it was during the work week.
I guess if they were on weekends and close by, I would attend them.


Re: Booksignings -- do you attend?

You bet I attend. It's not only a way to get insight into the author and the book but also a very nice way to meet people especially those with common interests. Obtaining a signed book, bookmark or "goodie" is an added benefit.