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What are you reading?

What is everyone reading? Anything good?

Right now I'm reading an April book for a fun read. OUT OF CONTROL by Shannon Mckenna. It has suspense, a murderous villain and heated sex. Ms Mckenna knows how to write them like that.
I'm enjoying it a lot. Can't wait for her next one, though I think she is not writing right now. Babies do that to you.

Re: What are you reading?

I'm reading Julia Quinn's AN OFFER FROM A GENTLEMAN. I had read the first two books when I was told about them last year, so now reading a couple more. Love them.

I have Davy's story too, to read of Shannon's MCKenna's. You read the first two of these connected books, right? She's great.

Re: What are you reading?

Oh I read two great books while traveling to and from LA -- Sins of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon -- once again a winner from page one -- and once again she throws in a few surprises. Also read Lori Handeland's latest in her werewolf series -- but the name escapes me -- I'm functioning on way too little sleep today. ;)


Re: Re: What are you reading?

(Sorry on the recent post, I press tab to go to the next area and seems to have entered the blank post!)

I seem to be having those late nights and even those days that I just don't want to get up ad cook when reading a good book. I know i'm behind others, but I just read AN OFFER FROM A GENTLEMAN by Julia Quinn, and that kept me up late til I finished. Now i'm reading some Carola Dunn historical mysteries, they are fun reads. I think after this I'll be reading DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS by Julie Leto.

Re: What are you reading?

I just finished Susan Mallery's THERE'S ALWAYS PLAN B, a July release by a new line from Harlequin THE NEXT. It's one of four offered this month to launch the new line.

When I first heard about There’s Always Plan B, one of the first books to be released under Harlequin’s The Next Novel, I wondered if this book would be romantic. Well it is and's a story and exploration of a beautiful woman about to turn 40 who finds herself alone with a teenage daughter to raise. Carly Spencer has been "dumped" by her husband to go in search of himself and is left to pick up the pieces. She decides to relocate to her family home and business, a B&B called Chatsworth-by-the-Sea to assist her mother in rescuing the family home and B&B. Carly decides to use her skills as a one-time event planner to restore the business, using Mary the fabled resident ghost as a draw to increase revenues and pay the mortgage.

Then, who should appear but tall, dark, handsome, and sexy Adam a ghost-buster who threatens to ruin the B&B rep and puts Carly's hormones into overdrive. If one man isn’t enough in her life, Carly also runs into her old teacher from high school days. He’s a little older than Carly and becomes interested in her and asks her out as well. Two men interested in her, a failing B&B, a teenage daughter and a missing ghost makes this particular book a great read and one you won’t want to miss.

There’s Alway’s Plan B is not only entertaining but it's also an exploration into relationships. Susan Mallery explores .mother/daughter relationships, friendship versus love interests, and self-esteem and “starting over”.