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Lynx Inexcusable Cancellaton

had four family members that were confirmed on the 1:00 P.M. flight from Governor's Harbour to Fort Lauderdale today for which the tickets had been issued and prepaid. The were told that they must be at the airport not later than 11 A.M. When they arrived at the airport at 10:45 P.M. they were told that the flight was canceled because "there were not enough people."

Lynx made no attempt to contact my family members or other people that we met at the airport that were also confirmed on same the flight.

They were told to come back in three hours. They were eventually put on the 3:45 flight.

Obviously, if a flight does not fill up, the economic risk should be on the airline that issued the ticket and accepted payment.

I will do my best to make sure that none of my guests ever uses Lynx again.

Re: Lynx Inexcusable Cancellaton

My sister had a similar issue... she was scheduled for a 1pm flight and didn't leave Eleu until 10pm. This was her with her 2 year old child. She was stuck in airports for 11 hours! Does anyone know who a "higher" up is to contact to show your displeasure?

Re: Lynx Inexcusable Cancellaton

try Kevin 305-992-4674

Re: Lynx Inexcusable Cancellaton

Lighten up.This is not the La Guardia -Washinton shuttle.So you had to wait.More time spent in paradise.It's not easy providing air service to Eleuthera.Maybe that's why Eleuthera is not for everyone.


Re: Lynx Inexcusable Cancellaton

as mauch as I would hate being in this situation, I think we all will have to be more aware of costs and what these small airlines have to do to stay in bussiness. Combining flights to fill them up might be one of the ways to save money. Now, that said, I hope they figure out ways to notify the ticket holders of any changes. From now on, I'll call to confirm before I leave the house.